3 Big Benefits of Using a VPN for SEO

Any business that wants to enjoy success online has very little choice but to spend time and money on SEO in order to get themselves ranked higher in the search engines. Whether you yourself work in SEO or you’re interested in having some done for your website, you’ll already know that there are a number of tools that can help you.

One of the most underrated of these tools is that of the VPN, a connection to a network of computers that will allow you to surf the anonymously. VPNs are often thought of being a benefit only for those that download torrents from sites such as Piratebay or Torrent9 as they provide downloaders will anonymity but in actual fact, there are plenty of other reasons why a VPN can be of great benefit – especially in terms of SEO.

Great to Use for Local SEO

If you provide SEO services or are simply looking to improve your own SEO in another country, a VPN comes in incredibly handy when you want to be able to see how a website is ranking for specific keywords in that countries Google.

Put it this way, your IP address will tell the search engines the country you’re searching from and will give you the results from that particularly Google. All countries will have their own Google and each will bring up different results for each search.

With a VPN you’d be able to connect to a server in the country of interest and therefore get the results that you can use to determine the competition or how well you’re already ranking.

Spy on Your Competitors Privately

Anyone in SEO will tell you that half of the job is keeping up with your competitors and this involves keeping an eye on everything from their content, the SEO tactics they’re using, and their targetted keywords.

The problem is that any website will be able to see the IP addresses that visit them and should you visit them too much, they might cotton on to you and track you back to your own website. They can then copy your very own ideas. With a VPN you’ll be visiting them completely anonymously.

Work Abroad? You Can Get Around Geo-Restrictions

A digital nomad is somebody that works online while traveling or living in exotic countries around the world. In fact, you’ll find many people in SEO that fall under this category as they reap the benefits of a lower cost of living and a higher quality of climate.

When working remotely, however, especially if you work as part of a team from your own home country, you may have problems using shared SEO tools or certain websites that might have geo-restrictions in place. With a VPN you can get around this very easily and get on with your work without any problems at all.

As you can see, a VPN is a cheap and effective way to aid you in your quest for better SEO for your website.