3 Most Innovative Construction Tech Solutions For A Safer Jobsite

The construction industry is in a phase where it’s slowly embracing a wide range of technological innovations that used to be futuristic. Used to be a very unsafe industry, but technology is gradually changing that– as everything becomes more secure, efficient, and safe. Here are the top 3 most innovative construction tech solutions for a more reliable job site.

1. 3D Printing

This technology used to be quite futuristic and quite expensive. However, times have changed. We have finally reached the point where 3D printers are now being used to print small, simple prototypes. Eventually, it would move into large-scale mass production, that it would even be capable of constructing bridges, and even tree houses. Once perfected, it could also be utilized to create buildings and other things from scratch.

It’s also worth noting that since 3D printers are capable of printing prototypes, parts, and believe it or not, it could produce a whole infrastructure which would result to lesser wastage and faster development.

2. Wearables

IoT technology is virtually everywhere. As a matter of fact, and everyday equipment like a traffic cone is now getting more advanced, and it’s because of IoT. This allows all kinds of devices to communicate with one another easily. This can be quite useful, especially in the construction site.

That means everything will be under the watch of the construction managers. Furthermore, wearables also make it possible for employees to stay safe as they can easily access the data, they need wherever they are. For example, a smart safety vest that uses sensors could detect temperately and access Wi-Fi as well as track motion.

Similarly, Dari’s bright helmet makes it possible for workers to obtain actual information regarding their surrounds which would also display the necessary guidelines in front of the workers’ eyes.

What benefit does this offer, especially for workers? The answer is simple, through this, operators would be aware of what’s happening around them. Likewise, they would also be familiar with the possible hazards and monitor any movement, allowing them to react accordingly. This data, when combined with wearable devices would offer you a thorough overview of the construction site.

3. VR and Augmented Reality

Used to be just part of sci-fi movies back in the 1930s, virtual reality is becoming more and more common now. There are a lot of applications that can be used for virtual reality, especially when we’re talking about construction.

For example, it’s capable of bringing intricate designs to life, allowing clients to view them even before completion. Likewise, virtual construction sites also train workers in a safe and interactive environment. Specialists would also can share information which the whole team can review.

Since VR is readily available than ever, everyone is joining the bandwagon as they help a business improve safety, while reducing other expenses at the same time.

Final Words

Indeed, these technological innovations are helping the construction industry remarkably. Although they might seem to be quite overwhelming, one this is for sure– all of them could help the whole sector to be safer, more efficient, and productive.