Advantages of Designing Online Business Cards

These are the main advantages of the business card:

  1. You have templates and predefined elements to facilitate the design.
  2. You will not need to have a license for layout tools such as In Design.
  3. The available formats are the same as you will find in our online store, so it is not possible to make mistakes when designing the document.
  4. You have all the information regarding your print orders in one place (previous orders, print files, etc). Now you can create and save your own designs and print them, all within the same working environment!
  5. As you may already know, in an online store of resources and templates. The predefined templates of the online designer are downloadable from the resource store, but they are paid. That is, if you use the tool to make business cards online and then print the cards, the template is free.

Here we explain step by step how to make business cards with our online application.

  1. Log in to W2P

You can work in the online designer without logging in, but the changes you make will not be saved.

  1. Access the online designer and choose the format and orientation

You can access from the option of printing business cards for companies in our web-to-print. Also take help at

  1. Choose a base template


  1. Modify and change funds, change and relocate text blocks
  • Text blocks: By selecting a block of text you can change its properties:
  • Backgrounds: When selecting a background you can change its colour and orientation
  1. Add custom elements

Select the one you want, change the size and colour, and place it where you want

  1. Add your logo and / or the images you want

Click on the camera button and look for the image in your file system, or simply drag the image to this area:

  • You adjust the position and size of the logo or image and … you already have your cards!
  • This could be a result from the template we have chosen in the second step:

When you refresh the browser, you will see that your design now appears to the left of the workspace, along with the default templates.

 To order the printing of your cards, click on the “Order now” button and it will take you to the application form:

 If after logging out you want to access your designs again, click on the “Online designer” button and indicate the format and orientation of the templates you want to see.

As you can see, with the online designer at creating and printing business cards is now easier than ever, we encourage you to try it!

Also, currently, getting a business card with a good design is not complicated. In Web pages such as hello print, which specialize in digital printing of all kinds of materials from offline marketing, you can design and print your business cards easily and in no time. Choose the type of letter, the design, the colours and the information that transmits the essence of your brand in a piece of paper easy to carry with you and to deliver. Without a doubt, the business card always helps networking and generating good impressions.