An introduction to flat design graphics

Web design trends come and go, but one of the hottest trends around right now is for flat design. This is seen by many in the industry as an attempt to add value to the website visitor, removing all extraneous material and effects to create a clean and uncluttered look.

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According to Creative Bloq, flat design really began to make its mark on web design with the introduction of Windows 8. This unveiled flat design icons on its home screen, which was seen as a backlash against the skeuomorphic designs featured on Apple’s icons for many years. Regardless of whether this was the case, flat design is here to stay. Make sure that your site stays on-trend by incorporating some of the following flat design elements.

Keep it minimalistic

Flat design involves removing all unnecessary elements from your website, allowing the user to focus on the information they are seeking. Removing extra details also helps your website to load and display faster, making it a win-win situation.

Keep forms simple, using clean lines with no excess ornamentation, no shadowing, and no three-dimensional effects. Icons should be graphically clear and uncluttered, allowing your site’s core message to sing out. Unless you happen to be an experienced web designer or graphic artist, this is best left to the professionals. You can source a good web development company in London, or elsewhere in the UK, with experts such as only too happy to show what a difference they could make to your ROI in a short space of time.

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Flat does not mean boring

It would be a mistake to assume that flat design is dull just because it lacks decoration and embellishment. Clever use of colour and shapes can add real impact to your website, so spend time getting the colours and shapes exactly right. Make sure that visitors can easily find what they are searching for in a matter of seconds.

Aim for perfection

Flat design needs to be perfect to succeed, so spend time ensuring that this is the case. Lines must be perfectly straight, and edges must be crisp and clearly defined. Adobe Illustrator, a popular vector graphics program that allows designers to incorporate lines and curves with mathematical precision, is becoming increasingly popular with modern graphic designers.