Four Online Survey Taking Tips That Can Improve Your Earning Potential!

Taking surveys can be an easy way to make money working at home. Your personal computer can be a cash machine if you know how to play your cards right. The trick to making money taking online surveys is not to keep all of your eggs in one basket.
I know many online surveys have potential issues, you should be familiar with. For this purpose, you could use Khan site where he has written numerous survey sites reviews.
With that in mind, when you begin taking surveys from home to make money remember these four important rules:
First: Do NOT pay for lists of survey sites. There are plenty of free lists of survey sites that are identical to ones that are being sold for as high as several hundred dollars. Scammers love to tell you that they and they alone know the ‘best’ survey companies, or have the ‘highest paying surveys.’ The truth is that there is constant turnover among survey companies, and you will be better off saving your money and trying out the different survey opportunities yourself.
Second: Set up a special email just for survey taking purposes. You will have to register with various companies and this way your surveys won’t get lost in your inbox! It is a very useful idea to have a separate password for this email account that is random and completely different from any other passwords you use on other accounts. This gives you added security. Also, when you register on survey sites, misspell your name by one letter and do it slightly differently on each site. This will let you know if any of the sites you sign up with start spamming you – if you suddenly start receiving mail to that name, you will know which site sold your information!
Third: When you register with your first online paid survey site, start a spreadsheet. Note down the name of the site, what name you used, which information you had to supply, and leave room for comments. This way you can track which survey sites send you surveys, which ones you qualify for most often, what they pay, and when you receive payments. You can also track what profiles you fill out and what surveys you complete.
Fourth: Register with as many sites as you can. Some sites will send you only a few surveys per week or month, while others may send you several a day! You may not qualify for every survey they send, however, so it is best to get as many opportunities coming your way as possible. Most sites will have profiles for you to fill out to prescreen you, so they only send surveys you have a chance of qualifying for. Fill out as many profiles as they will let you, and make sure you are honest with your answers – they will verify your answers within the surveys. You won’t be able to remember what you entered if you falsify your information, and most paid survey sites will ban you forever if they catch you taking in your profiles.