How Recuva Helped to Recover Data from PC’s Hard Drive

As many people, I lost my data from my computer’s hard drive and I longed for them to be restored. In my case, there was death and subsequent revival of HD, but reincarnation without data. The main mistake was that I did not back up this data anywhere, so I needed to get it back. In the PC’s hard drive, this is nothing complicated; either I need some knowledge or a handy program. Contacting PC data recovery specialists was also an option for me.

Since I do not have the necessary knowledge, I have satisfied myself with downloading “some” freeware data recovery program. In the beginning I searched for a lot of scams, programs that seem to be free and then demanding buying. It is not easy to find a suitable and mainly functional program. Be careful with installing software from unknown sources, as I found some Trojan horses (virus) and data recovery programs in my search.

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At the moment I have my data back and I have to recommend the Recuva program. This data recovery software, not only from USB flash drives, but also from HDD and SSD (recovery from SSD thanks to the triumph chapter for itself, minimal chances of gaining data) addressed me especially with its simplicity and ease of use. The options for setting up and specifying custom recovery requirements are truly spectacular.

In my case, I’ve restored the entire contents of the computer, but if you need to recover only one particular file, it’s great that Recuva allows you to specify the content to be restored. This software is from developers of popular software for cleaning unnecessary and personal data from a system called CCleaner.

Normally, Recuva will find a large number of files. Some can be restored and others no longer, as their position has been overwritten by new data or irreparably damaged.

As mentioned above, the recovery of data from the SSD memory card is another toy for this program. The same can be said of a classic disk drive (HDD), but if you have deleted important data on the SSD and it is like a system disk, you should proceed as quickly as possible. With the SSD, the trim uses the trim (moving the data from the worn out places to those less worn out), which increases the risk that the area with the data that needs to be restored will be overwritten by others. If Recuva does not work with SSD card, then SSD data recovery experts are last option.