How the file synchronization process differs from a backup method?

As one of the mobile and computer users, you may have heard the terms, like synchronization and backup. Both these processes are intended to keep your data safe. But, most of us do not know how one process is different from the other.

Synchronization and backup: What are the differences?

  • The synchronization indicates the method of deleting or copying files in an automatic or manual way. Two chosen locations may have similar file set. However, a backup helps you in copying your files, located in one drive to a different one.
  • Syncing process is much faster than backup method.
  • The major benefit of the process of syncing is that there is a need for copying few files while running the process. You do not have to copy the unchanged data or files. That is why you can save your time for syncing data.  Most of the users choose it as the better alternative.
  • In case of automated syncing, there is a potential of deleting the important data on the original storage unit or drive. With the help of backup process, the users may be able to restore the essential data from their backup site.

Exceptions with the syncing process

There are specially designed sync apps, which do not cause the risk of automatic deletion of the files on your drive. Most of the apps give a warning on whether the files are present in a synced device. This helps users to make a decision and deal with the synced folder by restoring or deleting it.

SyncMate, an app to sync Android Nokia Mac, also helps you in accomplishing the process with no risk of data loss. You can sync Mac data with various other devices. You won’t have to invest in separate sync app for every device. With only one app, all the important files can be synced. Though there is an auto-syncing feature in this app, you can keep your data safe on all the devices.

Syncing process highly relies on the data amount that is to be transferred between various devices. However, you have to check out the performance of your chosen app. While you need to have regular sync Android Nokia Mac, SyncMate may be the right option to you.

So, install SyncMate on your Mac computer and sync any file that is important to you.