How To Find Out If Your Home Security Camera Has Been Hacked?

A security camera is a surveillance tool that is used by many houses and businesses to keep their property safe from intruders and other malicious attackers, but sometimes even the security cameras can be hacked by an intruder in light of getting into your house undetected. If you have an inclination that your security cameras are malfunctioning or functioning irregularly then that they might be hacked.

These hacks are possible only if your system isn’t protected by proper passcodes like Hikvision hack password. Therefore, you should always keep your system password hack-proof and keep changing or updating it regularly. Here are some ways to find out if your home security camera has been hacked or not:

  1. Cameras Are Irregularly Changing Their Direction:

This is one of the first signs of a hack as the hacker tests the functionality and connection to your camera system. To test this functionality, he or she would move your cameras remotely. Therefore, if your cameras are changing their direction irregularly, it means that your system is under a hack. You should immediately change your remote password and reset your camera settings so that the connection to the hacker is lost immediately.

  1. Sudden Flickers in the Recording Screen:

When a camera’s feed is altered, a flicker can be seen on the recording screen. The person who is monitoring the camera feeds should immediately look for signs of a hack when something like this happens. A hack that is remotely done can be detected easily in this case, but if someone is tapping into the camera wires physically, then detecting this type of hack is a really difficult task. Therefore, there should be immediate shutdown of all camera systems and a thorough check-up of all hard lines that go through the system is needed.

  1. Camera Blackouts:

If one or two home cameras black out and there is no routine service going on, it clearly means that some hacker has deliberately switched them off. Therefore, you would know that your camera system has been hacked if any of your camera blacks out for no reason. Keep a closer look at the cameras that blacked out and do so instantly so that the hacker doesn’t get enough time to implement their malicious tasks.

  1. Loss of Control:

A direct sign of a hack is when you lose control of your entire camera system. If you are unable to alter anything in your system, it means that it is being remotely done by someone else. The hacker has denied the permission for altering your system and he or she is in utmost control. Therefore, if you feel like you have lost control, you should physically restart the entire system and see if the problem still persists. If it does, immediately contact the cyber security team of your camera provider.

You should regularly update your camera software and beware of any kind of malicious attacks. Look out for the above signs to find if your camera has been hacked.