Keep Your Meizu Phones Synced With Your Mac With SyncMate

If you are having a tough time syncing the data on your Meizu devices with your Mac, then you must make use of a useful application that can handle the task of syncing with many mobilephones at the same time. SyncMate is a blessing in disguise for those who are on the lookout for a single app that can sync your whole data on several devices while saving you the trouble of investing in many syncing tools.

Compatibility of SyncMate with Meizu devices

You can now get all types of media files well synced in one place without missing any files with the help of SyncMate. This syncing tool is capable of syncing both the calendars as well as the list of contacts to prevent you from fiddling all your mobile devices to remember an event or a phone number. Make sure that your Meizu phones are backed by the Android technology of latest versions from 4.x, 5.x or 6.x to enjoy convenience at the fullest. This tool is compatible with all models of Android devices from Meizu and helps you sync all kinds of data without even the slightest hassle. Download this useful app to get even your vital data synced to perfection. No wonder, this Syncmate, synchronization tool for Mac and Meizu phones has become a hot favourite among the Meizu phone users.

Types of data handled by SyncMate

SyncMate is an ultimate helper for you, as it can synchronize Android Meizu with Mac within a few clicks. It is efficient enough to handle the sync of various types of data, such as:

  1. Media files: It is now simple to access all the songs, music videos, pictures, snaps, music playlists and video clips between Meizu devices and Mac, as it is an expert in syncing.
  2. Contact List and Calendar events: stay free from the trouble of re-entering and double checking the phone numbers of your business clients, friends and family, as SyncMate can sync it freely from your Mac to Meizu phones.
  3. Text messages: SyncMate is an impressive app that can make you send, delete or create a message right from your big screened Mac, as it supports easy texting.

Plus, SyncMate can let you get instant access to your favourite web pages, mount the phone like a disk and sync folders in a convenient way with a single click.