Overview and Outcomes: A Business-Focused Content Management System  

When we talk about CMS, we’re discussing a content management softwaresystem and programs comprising your webpages and other digital assets, and facilitating management of your company’s online presence and information flow.

The key reason global businesses decide on Content Raven for their content management needs is simple: industry-leading efficiency. The “1 Source” content management system allows managers to work with all file types, which can be stored and shared with a single click. Content Raven keeps it all updated automatically, wherever it’s stored.

Challenges in Content Management: Training the Global Sales Force

Content Raven’s CMS ensures protection for your company’s internal documents. And with Content Raven, leaders in corporate training have the power to channel content to any device, no matter where in the world the learners are. Content Raven’s clients include Fortune 500 leaders in a variety of sectors: from retail to high tech and information systems.

Let’s examine one of our actual clients—a case study in the retail sector. An international, multi-billion-dollar vendor of packaged goods needed training for a global population of 45,000 salespeople.

There were some issues. Most of the global sales force consists of third-party sales representatives working on contracts. They do not have access to the company’s network—which makes sense, as turnover becomes a security issue, and some of these representatives work for multiple businesses.

So, the personnel had limited access to the company’s Learning Management System (LMS). Contract sales reps without account access were out of the training team’s reach. Trainers were therefore expected to teach outside of the system.

Finally, the company had international access challenges. The company sells worldwide, and most of the world works primarily with phone and tablet access. Distributing learning materials to mobile devices would need help from the IT department.

Global Impact: Issues Solved

By choosing the Enterprise Content Enablement Platform from Content Raven, the company solved these issues, and now manages eLearning through manuals, videos, and html5-based information, enabling mobile access in eight languages.

Content Raven integrated the existing LMS. Workflows continued without holdups or setbacks. As for security, Content Raven enables trainers to set permissions on all downloading, copying, printing, and sharing of materials. External salespeople receive proper training, while proprietary information is secured.

And as for analytics, real-time reporting shows who is working with the content, for how long, and where. The company can now track the progress of its learners and improve the training.

Content Raven technology ensures the content management system is ever-accessible, even for representatives in far-flung locations with spotty connections. Thus, after one full year of use, the company’s training is successfully reaching its full global sales team. Reps are engaged with the materials, and making use of the information when selling. The increased effectiveness of the sales force is having a measurable impact on the company’s bottom line.

Content Raven’s unique management system brings together superior content storage, secure information delivery to learners, excellent interactivity that ensures learners are engaging with content, and analytics to show learner engagement and the measurable impact in increased revenues brought to the business. Contact us today: 1.508.786.0500 or sales@contentraven.com