R4I 3ds gold deluxe, MT-card or Stargate 3ds, which one plays free 3DS games on V11.5?

Many old 3ds flashcarts are already outdated or stopping working in 2017, what are they so we can avoid to buy and is Stargate 3ds a better card to buy than all of them? In this article, let me answer your these questions.

R4i gold 3ds deluxe, MT-card and other outdated 3ds flashcarts

These are the outdated or stop working 3ds flashcarts in 2017, do not buy any of them for your Nintendo 3ds, 2ds, new 3ds and new 2ds xl consoles. They are stoppng updating for years and can’t work on the latest 3ds firmware version in any case.

Outdated 3DS Flashcarts in 2017 Stop updating 3DS Flashcarts in 2017 Cone 3DS Flashcards in 2017
  • MT-CAR
  • R5SDHC
  • K3DS
  • QQ 3DS
Don’t buy! Don’t buy! Don’t buy!

R4i gold 3ds deluxe VS MT-card VS Stargate 3ds

No need to compare, because except for Stargate 3ds, the other 2 cards are not playing 3ds games on 3DS V11.5 and are not playing DS games and are not working on NEW 3DS/NEW 3DS XL/NEW 2DS XL consoles. Only the Stargate 3ds can do that.

  • R4i gold 3ds deluxe: From r4ids.cn. Only plays 3ds games on 3ds v4.2 to v4.5 system versions. Does not play ds games and it is a very very old Gateway 3ds clone card.
  • MT-card: This card is disappearing in the market for years. The official site is closed too. You can just ignore it in 2017.
  • Stargate 3ds: The best flashcart Stargate 3DS for 3DS/NEW3DS/2DS XL is coming soon, it can play NDS, 3DS, GBA, SNES, NES and other free games on all 3ds family consoles with any firmware version, including the V11.5.0-38. Additionally, it can work with Ntrboothax or Magnethax to introduce 3DS CFW on your machines, at the same time, Stargate 3ds is a plug&play simple to use flash card for Nintendo 3DS.

Where to buy Stargate 3ds in Finland?

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