Top 5 Promotional Offers In Telecom For Better Customer Satisfaction

Any service that creates great value per unit of money spent wins huge patronage. The user really like the concept of combo offers especially when the offer is about call-text-data. All network providers need to give in to cut throat competition making it essential for them to roll out lucrative promotional offers so that customers do not switch to their rivals. Listed here are few combo offers that make phone usage a delightful experience.

  1. All texts free: If you are a texting fan, free texts are source of great joy. These days since data services are in high demand (thanks to content driven applications); people love to have text-cum-data combos. Heaven for introverts or textroverts, these combinations help staying in touch and enjoying relationships better.
  2. Unlimited calls: You call, call and call and your balance never goes down. It surely is a heavenly treat for business people who need managing huge team on phone. Unlimited calls offers are all-time favorite among team manager, lovers, and parents who need checking on their loving kids frequently.
  3. Unlimited local calls: It is a wise tactic to get two customers per network connection. The companies promote unlimited free calls between two numbers registered on same network making staying in touch a happy affair.
  4. Free texts to other networks and unlimited calls: This is also a heart winner and helps keep people living in different cities using different networks stay connected.

Such combo offers do not require recharging the calling card frequently when the validity chosen is high. It saves money, time and keeps the phone fully operational. The diminished need to recharge often saves you last minute ugly surprises when emergency strikes.

For more updated information on telecom networks’ offers and how to register to them, you can click here and take advantage of all interesting promotional offers.