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Gone are the days for brochures and magazines lying at your doorstep, highlighting alluring brands with enticing images. The world has transformed towards a digital edge, where brands are continuously competing to surpass others using digital marketing mediums. In addition, in the midst of digital race stands New Jersey as the heart of leading digital marketing agency. Being an 11th most populous state in United States, NJ has over 8.9 million of population that encompasses some of the best digital marketers.

When compared with other nations, digital marketing agency New Jersey specializes in digital acquisition and engagement, offering state-of-the-art services such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Competitor Analysis, Mobile Site Optimization and much more. With a large number of experienced and professional digital marketers in NJ, a client can expect none less than absolute perfection from them.

Today in this article, we will reveal how digital marketers in NJ can drive your business on top among the competitors. Read along to discover what digital marketing agency New Jersey has to offer for highlighting your online presence:

Paid Advertising Campaigns – PPC (Pay Per Click)

In a pursuit of immediate results, a robust digital marketer can never overlook upon the power of PPC (Pay Per Click). Having said, PPC stands as one of the most quickest and results-driven approaches to advertise your business online. With PPC, digital marketing agency New Jersey targets potential customers who are searching on web for various products and services. Not only this, the paid campaign specialists in NJ are well-aware of competitors’ keywords, landing pages and ad copies, ensuring you superior results over others.

To set you apart from others, the professionals working in leading digital marketing agency in New Jersey do a thorough research, competitors’ analysis, and benchmarking to ensure that your bids are competitive and tempting and your ads are effective.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Undeniably, having a website of your business is no more a tough or pricey task. However, getting your site visible on search engines is trickier today. In fact, the top five search results on a search engine receive 87% of overall clicks for a specific keyword. Considering the case, SEO stands as the most effective practice to place your site on top of search engines for long-term placement through a blend of practices such as content, link building, increasing domain authority, on-page/off-page optimization and much more.

That said, professionals working in top digital marketing agency in New Jersey excel at delivering cutting-edge and latest SEO services to companies around the globe. Not only this, SEO companies in NJ offer industry’s leading SEO services such as content freshness and quality, Content Karma, and much more.

Social Media

Indisputably, social media stand as the leading platform for marketing and promotional activities today. With over a billion monthly active users, Facebook stands as the top social network for marketers. And social media marketing specialists working at leading digital marketing agency in New Jersey leave no opportunity in utilizing facebook as the prime source for advertising.

In addition, Twitter falls on number second down the line of top social networks for social media marketing. That said, Twitter #hashtags and retweets are the elements for marketing. The social media marketers in digital marketing agency in New Jersey increase brand identities by incorporating Twitter in their digital marketing strategy.

Email Marketing – Old is Gold

Email marketing, the old yet the most effective online marketing strategy has enlisted itself among the most results-oriented digital marketing approaches. When highlighting this fact, we can firmly say that email marketing is the immediate form of online marketing. In addition, according to ExactTarget and Merkle, about 91% of consumers view their inbox daily; whereas 74% of consumers clarified that they choose email for commercial communications.

Considering the effectiveness of email marketing, the marketing specialists working at the leading digital marketing agency in New Jersey offer exclusive email marketing services with abrupt reporting system.

Google Analytics – The Data Bank

“Devil Lies in the Details”, the quotation goes well in digital marketing as data plays prime role. The Google Analytics stands as the robust data monitoring and analysis platform, offering top-of-the-line data tracking services. Whether its about the number of visitors, leads, conversions, campaign management or even the keywords which your article rank on, Google Analytics offer one-touch service. That said, a majority of digital marketers in NJ hold certification in Google Analytics.

Not only this, many of the digital marketing firms in NJ offer Analytics consultancy service, providing users with value-delivering and effective insights.

Mobile Web Optimization

Mobile app development is surely at hype in the contemporary world. In case, you’re not employing mobile apps to benefit, your business could miss out on various marketing opportunities. In addition, according to a report, the number of mobile devices will double the world’s population by 2020. Not only this, mobile-connected users will sum up to 70% of the overall world’s population.

The professionals in digital marketing agency in New Jersey smartly cater to expanding needs of mobile users. That said, following is a list of mobile services, which digital marketers of NJ offer now:

  • Wireframing/conceptualization
  • Planning
  • Design and development
  • Mobile Branding/Art Direction
  • Mobile Analytics
  • Mobile App Marketing

Corporate Branding

Corporate branding plays a vital role in taking a brand’s identity to next level. With professional graphic design services, we make your brand stand out in a competition. When counting our corporate branding services, we have business cards, print ads, social network posts, flyers’ design, and logo design. Apart from this, it’s essential to have an impactful online marketing materials, keeping in mind, audience will summon up the first impression about your brand.

Author Bio:

Nelson Willey, a freelance SEO specialist and digital marketer works in the leading digital marketing agency New Jersey. Nelson find himself contended in learning about mobile, social media optimization, conversion rate optimization, web development, and more digital marketing activities. In addition, Nelson is interested in identifying how various organizations impose a digital marketing strategy, making brands visible on search engines.