Why Should You Invest in Mobile Video Ads

Researches Show that mobile video has become the most consumed content type all around the World. People love to consume and share the videos they love and they are prone to take action in accordance with the feeling that these videos aroused. This tendency is the same in the advertising field. Mobile video ads has a remarkable effect on people in comparison to other advertising channels. According to eMarketer, in 2018, mobile video ad spend in the U.S. will reach $6 billion!

If we look from the viewpoint of mobile app developers and startups, there are other convincing reasons for why to invest in mobile video ads in 2017.

You Have a Higher Chance to Convince Your Audience

Attention span has decreased over years and today you only have maximum 6 seconds to catch your audiences’ eyes. In this point, mobile video ads are very influential to use the time effectively. People don’t want to read long descriptions and mobile video ads are amazing ways to turn this into an advantage.

What you should think is the context of your video ad. You need to work on it and create a convincing scenario. You can find a lot of resources on the internet about creating an effective mobile video ad.

You Can Reach the Impression You Imagine

Banner ads cannot give the impression that you want them to. How many times did you skipped banner ads without evet seeing what is it about? This is why mobile video ads are more effective ways to reach more and more people and get their attention. The only thing you consider should be your amazing inventory. Yes, there are thousands of video ads around there but you are different. And you can easily show this to your audience within seconds. Concentrate on your video and create an excellent one. Then let your ad reach it to the millions.

Here another important point is the service you are taking. If you don’t work with the right media buying agency or mobile ad network, or something more amazing than others, your chance to increase your impression decreases. This is why you should carefully choose your service and make your ad perfectly reach as many audiences as possible.

You Acquire More Engaged and Qualified Users

There are a lot of effective mobile advertising channels outside and it is really hard to choose the best ones for your user acquisition strategy. The main pain point is that even if you can reach the user base you want, because of their poor quality, you lose them in a short run and this causes to decreasing retention rate. At this point you need be sure that your channel brings you qualified and engaged users. Mobile video ads are one of the most effective channels in terms of quality and engagement rate of users. Because if a person who watched your video downloads your app, it means he/she is interested in your app. Ant this user has a higher tendency to keep your app in his smartphone if you provide him an amazing experience.