Wirelesss Networking Security: 5 Reasons to utilize a Radius Server

  • Wireless Authentication – This can be a huge a part of why wireless networking is really secure, you realize just who is being able to access your LAN. With no RADIUS Server anybody that has happened upon your passpharse has open use of your WLAN. If a person steals your passphrase some the way they will not have the ability to access your lan simply because they still user creditials.
  • Wireless Policy – You are able to set a variety of policies you want but my personal favorite is restricting time and days that users have access to the wireless network. Most frequently if your hacker will try to crack your network it will likely be during the night, so don’t allow users authenticate during the night or for fun on saturday.

  • DMZ or Subnet – You are able to assign wireless clients to some subnet that’s locked lower or keep these questions DMZ. If your hacker starts probing the network he will not have the ability to see much.
  • Limit Access time – You are able to limit your access duration of wireless clients. If your hacker can’t hack the LAN he may attempt to hack the wireless clients, kick idol users off after couple hrs.

  • Per user or group Control – You are able to give specific users certain access or give whole groups different access policies. A typical senerio is you have contractors or on vacation sales employees visiting and want temporary accessibility wireless network. You will not wish to allow them to have exactly the same access the normal employees achieve this limit them when needed.